Laws were meant to be broken

The NNFL is an interesting place.  It’s the home of what some consider the largest community of brothers that have nothing in common.  Nothing that is, but this game we all LOVE.  The NNFL brings those together that wouldn’t normally cross paths.  In an offseason of major moves by the state champs and the two teams down South, the OUTLAWS have been relatively quite.  The Outlaws are in a rebuild year in a small community on the other side of the mountains and lost the bidding war for one of the most talented athletes in the league.  So what were they to do?? In a move that brings enemies on the field together and is two years in the making, the OUTLAWS swing one of biggest package deals in memory.  By recruiting some of the major players from what was known as the Black and Blue game.  Welcome to the Brotherhood: Red Barrett, Ryan Sternfeld, Sean Turner, Dayton Edwards, and Angelo Santiago. Don’t ever count the #BROTHERHOOD out  #MORE TO COME.  Win Lose or Draw this is turning out to be a great season for everyone in the NNFL.


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